Monday, May 30, 2011


Earlier this year, the wonderful ladies of my Sunday School class said they wanted to have a baby shower for me.  I purposely scheduled it the day before I was due (thinking I wouldn't have had the baby by then) because my family and Sarge's family were planning on being here during that time.  Little did I know that Sweet Pea would decide to arrive early and attend the shower with me =)

It worked out perfectly, because instead of lots of gender neutral clothes, I was showered in pink, frilly clothes.

The fruit bouquet my friend Michelle made for the shower.

My favorite picture of my girls.

Girly- girl helping me open the gifts.

The quilt my step- mom made for Sweet Pea.

Millie was a little jealous that she had to share Angela's lap =)

Some of the beautiful ladies who loved on Sweet Pea and me =)

Thank you to everyone who planned and attended the shower.  Your outpouring of love and support has made the adjustment to my new normal at lot easier.  And yes, I am still working on getting all the thank you cards written =)

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