Friday, January 14, 2011

Where Did The Time Go?

I feel like it was just Christmas and New Year's, but here we are already 2 weeks into 2011!  Yikes!  So, to satisfy the grandparents' need for cute kid pictures, a whole bunch from the last month.  Enjoy =)

We spent a morning making gingerbread men with my MOP's group.  Yes, there were cookies in the oven.  We just wanted to make sure the kids were plenty entertained.

Not entirely sure what Junior- junior was doing.  He thought it was cute.

Daddy's hat and his frog boots.  A real cowboy.

A parent's favorite part of Christmas...  Putting all the "assembly required" toys together.

Girly- girl loves her new bike.  Wonders why we can't bring it back inside to ride.

Both boys love the train set.

Snow sculptures in downtown Racine.

Sarge's favorite store.  See, you don't have to give up stuffed animals once you grow up.

Playing in the snow.  Not sure what's happened to my camera.  Some pictures are okay and others look like this.

Sarge and my dad had a lot of fun building the sledding trail for the kids.

Making cookies with papa.

At the hotel on the way home.

Last trip of the year to the zoo.  We had to park in the overflow lot, so we saw a couple things we hadn't seen before.

And, here's me at 20 weeks...  Although I'm closer to 23 weeks now.  Just shows you how far behind on everything I've gotten

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