Monday, November 15, 2010

Dinosaur Valley

Thanks to the Veterans'  Day holiday, Sarge had an extended weekend.  So we decided to take a mini- vacation to Dinosaur Valley…  aka Glen Rose, TX.  We were kind of surprised to see that the drive only took us about an hour.  Guess that means more trips that way are in our future =)

Once we got to Glen Rose, we stopped to get something to eat and then headed over to Big Rocks Park to let the kids climb around.

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I was kind of surprised at how fearless the kids were running around and climbing on the rocks. 

Our next stop was the Creation Evidence Museum.  They’re in the middle of moving into a larger building, so not all the exhibits were set- up.  But, it was still really interesting to see how the same information (i.e. rocks with human footprints inside dinosaur tracks) can lead to two completely different conclusions (Creation vs. evolution).  And how a petrified tree in different rock layers (or ages as evolutionists like to claim) could actually have happened.  Because a tree isn’t going to rot away as it’s waiting for more layers of dirt and mud to form rocks around it ;)


We made it back to our hotel and after Sarge took a dip in the outdoor pool and the kids sat in the hot tub, we enjoyed some pizza and root beer as we settled in for the night.

The next morning we woke up to spotty rain showers.  We were hoping that the worst of the rain would hold off until after we had a chance to visit Dinosaur World.  The park boasts over 100 life- size dinosaur statues and a museum with fossils from eggs to full- size skeletons.

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What the kids would look like if a dinosaur was trying to eat them.

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It was really neat to see how the dinosaurs were hidden in the trees and grass.  You would come around a corner and not realize that you were that close to one.


The dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park” were actually a combination of this colorful fellow and velociraptors.

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It started raining a bit while we were out on the trail, but the heavy rain held off until we were inside the museum.  Junior- junior is covering his ears because the rain on the roof was so loud =)

After wandering around the gift shop and waiting for the rain to let up, we headed home.

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