Monday, July 19, 2010

Too Hot To Handle

Yup, I’m too hot to handle ;) 


Yesterday I ran the Too Hot To Handle 15k (9.3miles) at White Rock Lake.  The event lived up to it’s name.  About 80 degrees at the start and close to 90 by the time I left for home.


Here we are before the race.  Me, Coach Nancy and Jerome.  Coach Nancy and I ran the 15k and Jerome ran the 5k (his first!)


And here we are at the finish.  I looked and felt like I had gone for a swim =)

This was a really nice out and back course along White Rock Lake starting and finishing in Norbuck Park.  I tried to keep even splits and did well through the turnaround point.  But by then, the heat was really starting to take it’s toll.  Even though there were water stops every mile or so, I was still glad I had my belt with me.  The second half, I really slowed down.  I had to take a few walking breaks to try to get my heart rate down out of the 180’s. 

These are my official stats:

1:21:14 AP: 8:44

Overall: 224/ 1170 (top 20%)

Females: 63/ 653 (top 10%)

Age Group: 13/ 132 (top 10%)

And my Garmin stats:

Total miles: 9.51

1:21:16 AP: 8:33

The shirts were very nice technical fabric sleeveless shirts.  Mine was a women’s cut, which means it’s fitted through the hips and waist and longer in the back.  This all means that I don’t feel like I’m drowning in it and there’s no riding up in the back =)  I also got a nice runner’s hat.


This run put me just over 28 miles for the week (28.29) and just over 700 (701.32) miles for the year.  Next race is the DRC Cross Country Relay.  Three person teams running 2 miles each. 


  1. Great Job. I'm trying to do 700 miles for THE YEAR.

  2. You did great!!! I love the shirt!

  3. You are looking pretty familiar! I'm pretty sure that we were near each other for part of the race. Good job getting it done on a hot day!

  4. Congrats on a great finishing time! Nice race shirt and hat!