Sunday, July 11, 2010

More goals

My goals for last week were:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: easy 4 miles

Wednesday: easy 6-8 miles

Thursday: easy 4-6 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: easy 8-10 miles

Sunday: rest

Total miles: 22-28

This is how the week panned out =)

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 4.03 miles AP: 8:04

Wednesday: 7.21 miles AP: 8:06

Thursday: rest

Friday: 5.06 miles AP: 8:29

Saturday: 11.35 miles (ran 3.76 by myself AP: 8:49 and then 7.59 w/ a friend AP: 9:19)

Sunday: rest

Total miles for the week: 27.65

Year to date miles: 673.04

Saturday I met up with another mom to run with her and her husband.  It was really nice to run with someone.  The run felt so much more relaxed than my last few long runs.  Thanks Krista for letting me tag along =)

My plan for this week:

Monday: easy 5 miles

Tuesday: easy 4 miles

Wednesday: 15 min WU, 6x400 (400 RI) 10 min WD

Thursday: rest

Friday: easy 4 miles

Saturday: rest

Sunday: Too Hot To Handle 15k

Total miles: 28

Since I’ve never run a 15k before, I’m looking at an automatic pr =)


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