Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another week and more miles…

My goals for last week were:

Monday: 5 mile tempo run (7:19- 7:38)

Tuesday: easy 4 miles NROL4W 4A

Wednesday: 15 min WU, 3x(400, 800, 400) (1:30 RI) (2:30RI between sets) (1:33-1:37, 3:10- 3:18) 10 min WD

Thursday: easy 5 miles, NROL4W 4B

Friday: rest

Saturday: easy 12-15 miles

Sunday: rest


The week didn’t go quite as planned.

Monday: Speed workout: 15min WU, 3x(400, 800, 400) (1:30RI) (3:00 between sets), 10 min WD

(1:38, 3:19, 1:35)(1:37, 3:14, 1:34)(1:31, 3:14, 1:38)  TM: 7.17

Tuesday: 4.06 miles, no NROL4W (Sarge was bringing home P90X, so I didn’t want to start another stage)

Wednesday: tempo run: TM: 5.01, AP: 7:39

Thursday: rest, no NROL4W

Friday: 12.37 miles (was hot, humid and I was having shoe problems)

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

Sarge had off on Friday, so I decided to switch the long run to Friday morning, which meant a rest day on Thursday.  Then I was so tired from the long run that I had no motivation to run the next couple days =(

Saturday morning I did have a chance to participate in a Ride: Well Water Walk.  If you’ve never heard of these, you really need to check them out.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I first got there, but it was a great experience and I hope to do it again next year.

34563_140956939253174_100000166057045_406736_7865671_nGirly- girl came with me.  She walked a good portion of the 2 mile walk, but I carried her down the hill to the stream.   

My plan for this week is to just get some easy miles in.  If I feel up to it, I might add a tempo run.  Next week I’ll add some speed work in to “tune up” for the 15k on the 18th.  And I think I finally figured out how to work P90X in with my running.  Hoping to get that started this week too.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: easy 4 miles

Wednesday: easy 6-8 miles

Thursday: easy 4-6 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: easy 8-10 miles

Sunday: rest

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