Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun in the Water

Last week we spent a lot of time in the water.  First at the Uptown Area Water Fountains.  And then in the neighborhood pool.

She's going to be the runner in the family.

Junior- junior wasn't too sure about the fountains.

He has no problem with getting in the pool.

Junior starting swimming underwater.  One- handed because he had to hold his nose with the other hand.  Now he's even more excited to go to the pool...  If that's possible =)

Even with all the time we spent out and about doing "stuff," the kids still had me climbing the walls.

Oh wait, the kids were climbing the walls.

One afternoon after a trip to the pool, the house got very quiet.  I asked Junior were Girly- girl was.  He had no idea.  After looking all over for her and even going outside to see if she had gone out, Junior said she was in her "fort."

Yup, sound asleep so she didn't hear me calling for her.

My latest creation.  Will be making another one in this style.  Just a couple modifications...  Like not as much of a plunging neckline lol!


  1. Love the "climbing the walls" photo!!! Thanks for the visit, Lynette. :)

  2. It looks like a great day at the water park! I've never run the Green Bay anything, but I plan to sometime.