Monday, June 14, 2010


a few minutes to sit down =)

It seems like we've been on the go for the last week or so now.  I can't really tell you what we've been doing, because I don't feel like anything has been accomplished =)

Not that anyone cares about that.  You just want to see cute pictures of the kids.

You really need to train them young.

Uptown Village has a play area for kids...  So when you're dragging them around shopping with you, you can take and break and they'll be entertained =)

They also have a giannt chess and checker board.  I've got some real geniuses on my hands.

Actually, this is what they thought you did with checkers.

He's just too cute...

I did manage to get in the sewing room.  I needed a new summer purse =)  Girly- girl is always willing to model for me.  And Junior- junior likes to help out too.  Don't worry Sarge, he was just the prop man.

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