Friday, May 14, 2010


It's amazing what you find on your camera after the kids get a hold of it...

Today we had Wheels Day at MOP's.

But not to ride our bikes.  Just to push them around =)

He's getting so big.

"I wanna slide"

Prepared for rain.  Too bad he didn't have it with when we went grocery shopping afterwards.

It started raining while we were in the grocery store.  I debated standing in the entryway until it stopped, but the kids were getting antsy.  So, I had them hold onto the cart and we sprinted across the parking lot (because the closest spot was out in no- man's- land).  By the time we got to the truck, everyone was soaked and the boxes were getting soggy.  Lucky for the kids, they got to get in the truck.  But I had the fun job of unloading the cart and returning it to the cart corral.  And then I had to unload the truck at home... 

I did manage to get a nice longish run in this morning- a little over 8 miles.  I'm not really training for anything, just trying to build up my monthly mileage again.  I'm looking at either this marathon or this ultra in the fall.  I'm leaning more towards the ultra because it's closer to home- wouldn't require a hotel.  But, an old high school friend said she would be willing to run the marathon with me...  Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Picture wasn't taken today, but this is my newest running skirt.  Next one I make is going to be just a tad bit longer.

Apparently the blinds make a perfect parking garage.

Girly- girl smashed her fingers in a door.  Thankfully after an hour in the splint and some snuggle time she was all better.

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