Sunday, November 1, 2009

An unexpected surprise

My MIL was here the last couple days for a visit. On Friday we took off on a drive to see what hidden treasures we could find.

Our first stop was Common Threads Quilt Shop. It was a really neat store to visit. Lots of beautiful quilts hanging on the walls and plenty of fabric to choose from. This quilt shop specializes in reproduction fabrics. Mostly 1930's and earlier. I will definitely be going back lol!

Our next stop was The Greenery. Next to quilt shops/ fabric stores, nurseries are my next favorite places to visit. This one was amazing. Not only did they have lots of plants, but they also had lots of interesting hard scape. But the best part of it was walking around a corner and coming upon this:

An unexpected garden oasis.

This was Junior's favorite item in the garden.

There were lots of other interesting things to see. Unfortunately my camera's batteries decided to die =( I guess that just means that I'll have to go back to get more pictures.

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