Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Five Years Already??!!??!!

How did that happen? How did Junior grow up so fast? Didn't we just bring him home?

Junior is enthralled with John Deere tractors. So, in honor of that we gave him a tractor themed party.

I made him a pair of tractor pj's. This is his first morning wearing them. He had slept out in the tent with daddy, so he put on an extra layer to stay warm =)

I had a pattern for the shirt (still need to add the snaps on the front though) and used a pair of his pants for a pattern for the pj pants. First time I "drafted" my own pattern. Worked out pretty well.

He's gotten really good at taking self- portraits...

Here's the table set- up. Like I said, he really likes his tractors.

For some reason, he thought it was important to take a picture of the cake in the fridge...

A better picture of the cake. Can someone please tell me what to do with the tub of extra buttercream frosting I have? It's a lovely shade of black...

And of course, Junior blowing out the candles on his cake. with all of his friends around him. I think we had 11 kids around the table at this point and Girly- girl and Junior- junior were sleeping.

All in all it was a good day. It's just bittersweet realizing how quickly they grow up...

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