Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bamboo Glade

This was another custom request from Etsy. And it was also a local customer, so I was able to have her try it on =) The request was for a floor length moss green robe.

In the convo with the customer, she told me she was the pastor at a local church. I had a slight moment of panic when I questioned if she was looking for a bathrobe or a robe to preach in. Thankfully, it was for a bathrobe. Although she did tell me she has had many days where she wanted to preach in her pajama's.

The robe was made from a bamboo knit jersey. It has all the softness of knit jersey but with a bit more silkiness to it.
I really liked the style of this bathrobe. I think I may make a couple modifications- shortening it and adding a lining- and make a wrap style jacket for this fall. Maybe a nice animal print lining...

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